Dispute Avoidance, Minimisation & Resolution

The risk of disputes of a commercial nature arising on construction projects is high in comparison to other industries. Through the expertise of our staff and the core services which MGA offers, we seek to minimise that risk.

It is our experience that there is an inverse relationship between time spent during the early stages of a project in strategic planning and the risk of commercial disputes occurring during the execution stage.

MGA, through its involvement in major projects over many years, has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide services to our clients in the specific areas of:

  • Strategic Advice and Planning
  • Project Execution Plan Development
  • Contracting Strategy Development
  • Preparation of Tender Documentation
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Preparation of Contract Documentation

Construction Risk Management

We consider our role in delivering such services to be paramount in avoiding or at least minimising the risk of disputes of a commercial nature.

We recognise however that disputes in construction contracts do arise despite the best endeavours of the project team.

MGA has particular expertise in assisting our clients in the event that a construction related dispute arises.

Our Services

The services which we offer in this specialist field include:

  • Preparation, defence or negotiation of Contractual Claims
  • Provision of independent advice in relation to the Legitimacy and Quantum of Contractual Claims
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Expert witness including giving evidence and response to cross-examination
  • Assisting legal counsel in the preparation of evidence of a technical nature.
  • The advice we can offer includes, but is not limited to issues such as:
    • Interpretation of General and Special Conditions of Contract
    • Valuation of Variations
    • Extension of Time and associated Cost Analysis
    • Delay and Disruption Cost and Time Analysis
    • Forensic Analysis of Construction Schedules.
    • Expert Determination