Cost Management in Operations & Maintenance

Our model “The Three Spheres of Effective Cost Management”, together with MGA’s proprietary Cost Management Health Check are designed to identify and unlock (find) your opportunity to reduce costs.

Once identified, we apply our ComTec Philosophy supported by Intelligence, Intuition and Insight to get (prevent) and keep (sustainably) those cost savings.

Our methodology which is driven by our confident, competent and clinical approach, delivers exceptional outcomes for our clients. In addition, MGA offer targeted Cost Management services in Operations and Maintenance including:

  • Estimating Improvement Programme – Shutdowns and General Maintenance
  • Development of Cost Management Manual and Systems – Shutdowns and General Maintenance
  • Contract Compliance – Prevention of Leakage from Operations and Maintenance Contracts
  • Contract Formation and Review
  • Shutdown Cost and Productivity Management

Click here to view our “Monitor Shutdowns” Power Point Presentation.