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McGarry Association’s range of expertise includes strategic planning, estimating, cost, time and risk management for construction projects. We conduct quantity surveying, tender and contract management, contract administration, progress and productivity measurement, dispute avoidance, minimisation and resolution services across various sectors.

With offices in Perth, Adelaide and Bunbury, we are ideally located to work on your project anywhere within the WA and SA region. Our role is to ensure that your budget is sound, that you receive good value for money and that your planned expenditure is not exceeded.

Whether your expenditure relates to a commercial, residential, mining, oil and gas or infrastructure project or an operational or maintenance activity, we take complete responsibility for managing cost.

In doing so, we apply our traditional and proven approach – The Three Crucial Components of Successful Cost Management.


1. Estimating and Performance – Understanding the resources that are required to deliver the required outcome

  • Scoping
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Productivity Measurement


2. Tendering and Procurement – Securing the required resources at the right price

  • Strategy
  • Tendering
  • Contract Formation


3. Contract Management – Ensuring that you get what you pay for

  • Contract Administration
  • Scope Change Management / Capture of Applied Resources
  • Payment Verification / Certification


Each component is described in more detail in the relevant section of our website. MGA’s methodology in delivering successful outcomes can be described as Confident, Competent and Clinical.

We are elite performers with 20 years industry experience in all aspects of estimating, procurement, construction and contract management and administration. We thrive on the detail, are process orientated and systems driven.

Our ‘ComTec’ Philosophy defines the approach to our work – it is the alignment of technical knowledge with commercial acumen. MGA’s Intelligence is based on our unique and specialist qualifications. When coupled with our Intuition, which comes from two decades of experience and by listening carefully to our client’s brief, we obtain the necessary Insight to ensure a successful outcome.

Contact us at our Perth, Adelaide or Bunbury office to assist in making your next construction project a success.

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