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Adelaide Office Now Open

MGA is pleased to announce the opening of its South Australian office at Level7, 147 Pirie St, Adelaide. MGA’s Managing Director, Mr. Sean McGarry explains “…we want to expand our business on the back of the relationships which MGA has developed with our clients, predominantly in the mining and infrastructure sectors, in WA over the last 23 years. Many of our clients in WA have national footprints. In recent times some clients have invited us to work on their projects in SA and the time is right to demonstrate our commitment to them, by creating a presence there. It is exciting time for our organisation especially those who wish to be part of our new venture in SA…” A key […]

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Why you should hire a ‘brick counter’ for your project

Written by Dean Hayes Brick counter, bean counter, project policeman and other things much worse and inappropriate to write here, are just some of the names I, and no doubt many other Quantity Surveyors (QS) have been called during my career. I have been told I will be thrown from the top of a 5 storey scaffold when catching bricklayers with their “special” tape measures as a young QS, as well as having to defend myself from someone with a steel pipe in his hand in a trench in the middle of nowhere. All good stories to look back on now, but what makes a good QS and more importantly, why should you hire one? The old and out dated […]

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Is your Organisation “Productivity Ready”

Written by Sean McGarry “Production Costs” is a subject which has of late attracted, and will continue to attract, more than its fair share of attention in the mining sector. The reason is very obvious to most of us. Commodity prices have fallen hence the need to maintain the bottom line for investors by also reducing costs. This is particularly evident here in WA in the Iron Ore market. The significant drop in what the WA Iron Ore players can get for their products overseas has had a massive impact on the industry as a whole. It seems the “big three” are in a race with each-other to produce Iron Ore at the lowest possible cost, in a scenario where […]

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